Pcubed Associates, Inc. is a consulting company based in Los Angeles, California. We provide consulting engineering services for new and existing structures in the following areas.

Structural Design

We provide Structural Engineering and Design for New and Existing Structures.

  • Structural Design
  • Foundation Design
  • Flood Protection/Drainage Structures
  • Post-Tensioned Slab/Beam Design
  • Existing Elements Load Check
  • Structural Strengthening
  • Peer Review

Condition Assessments

We provide condition assessments and Capital Improvement Plans for property owners and property managers to help them budget and implement capital budgets.

  • Condition Assessments
  • Capital Improvement Plan
  • Due Diligence Assessment
  • Fire Damage Assessment
  • Plaza/Waterproofing Assessment


We provide restoration consulting for all types of building structures including commercial buildings, industrial buildings, parking garages, and office buildings

  • Garage Restoration
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Structural Modifications
  • Historic Restoration
  • Foundation Restoration
  • Mechanical Equipment Replacement/Anchorage

Seismic Consulting

We provide comprehensive seismic assessment and retrofit services for concrete and steel structures

  • FEMA 154 RVS Assessment
  • Tier 1 Assessment
  • Tier 2 Assessment
  • Seismic Retrofit
  • Los Angeles Ordinance Compliance

Enclosure Consulting

We provide waterproofing and enclosure assessment repair and commissioning services

  • Enclosure Assessment
  • Roofing and Waterproofing Assessment
  • 3rd Party Review
  • Recladding Design

Forensic Consulting

We provide insurance claim, litigation support, and expert witness services to our clients

  • Insurance Claim Support
  • Litigation/Expert Witness Support
  • Structural Failure Cause and Origin Assessment